What’s Your Real Age? 50 Fun & Fascinating Age Tests

Just because you know your birthday doesn’t mean your mind and body are keeping up with your chronological age. To calculate your life expectancy, real biological age, mental and emotional age, and more, take these 50 fascinating tests that can tell you a lot about your health habits and lifestyle choices.

Life Expectancy

Find out how long you’re supposed to live based on your health, family history and more.

  1. Peter Russell Calculator: Find out your virtual age, which is relative to your lifestyle and overall health.
  2. Rate of Aging Calculator: This test is only 14 questions and tracks how fast you age.
  3. Health Age and Life Expectancy: Fill in statistics for geographic location, sex, Coronary Artery Disease and more.
  4. Living to 100: This calculator asks you to answer 40 questions about health and family history.
  5. How long will I live?: This test comes from the University of Pennsylvania.
  6. MetLife Life Expectancy Calculator: Let Snoopy and MetLife determine your life expectancy with this system.
  7. Boston Apartments: This test strangely comes from an real estate website.
  8. Minnesota State Retirement System Life Expectancy Calculator: This test starts with a traditional life expectancy age and asks you to add and subtract numbers based on your health habits and history.
  9. The Longevity Game: Learn healthy habits to live a longer life here.
  10. What’s Your Life Expectancy?: Eons test is free and only takes 10 minutes.
  11. Life Expectancy Calculation: Fast Financial Analysis measures your life expectancy by considering genetic factors, social and cultural factors, and more.
  12. Life Expectancy Calculator: This quick test asks about alcohol consumption, driving habits, blood pressure and family history.
  13. Life Expectancy 1.0: Here is another short quiz that determines life expectancy based on race, education, exercise and other factors.
  14. What is my life expectancy?: This test may not be the most accurate, but it’s fast. Fill in your sex and age and find out about many years you have left.
  15. How long have you got left?: This test bases its findings on your diet, major life events, social groups, sex and more.
  16. Life Expectancy Calculator: Watch Martha Stewart’s video to learn about Dr. Brent Ridge’s life expectancy calculator.
  17. Life Expectancy Quiz: Pacific Life’s quiz helps you figure out for how long you should budget your retirement.
  18. The NPC Life Expectancy Quiz: Find out how long you’d survive in a video game when you take this test.
  19. Life Expectancy Calculator: This calculator appears on The Seattle Times website and consists of 23 questions.
  20. Increased Life Expectancy Calculator: Analyze your exercise habits to get your life expectancy with this test.

Physical and Biological Age Tests

Use these tests to estimate your real age, based on factors like smoking, exercise and more.

  1. RealAge: This is one of the most popular age tests and has been featured on Good Morning America and CNN.
  2. OK Cupid: Take a real age test from this dating site.
  3. What is your biological age?: Fill in your statistics here and then answer 140 questions to find out your real age.
  4. Determine Your Real Age: Oprah’s Dr. Oz shares six tests that can prolong your life.
  5. Biological Age Testing: These two tests from the Human Performance Institute are designed for trainers and health clubs to use for their clients.
  6. Heart Wizard Biological Age Test: With this test, you can determine your real age in just one minute.
  7. Get a real age makeover: These five tips can also help you lower your real age.
  8. Cellular Health Assessment: Learn about this test, which studies your body’s composition to figure out your real age.
  9. What is your biological age?: This odd system tests the elasticity of your skin when you pinch it.
  10. Physical Age?: This just-for-fun test has a modern, techie twist.

Mental and Emotional Age Tests

How mature are you really? Calculate your mental health and emotional age here.

  1. Stress Sweeper: Take the Stress Sweeper test to find out how stressed you are and to determine ways to train yourself to lower your stress levels.
  2. Mental Age Test: Find out how mature and emotionally healthy you are.
  3. What’s Your Mental Age?: Answer questions about money, your social life and more.
  4. 13 Ways to Restore Your Energy: Dr. Oz shares ideas to “get your power back” and live life longer while feeling younger.
  5. Brain Age vs. Brain Power: Measure your brain’s age here.
  6. Mental Age Assessment Test: This test was developed at Harvard University and tests your ability to read 12 sentences out loud.
  7. Your Mental Age Test: This is a fun test that asks questions like “do you sneak into movie theaters?”
  8. What is your emotional age?: Rate yourself according to statements like “you often wake up hungry in the night” and “you need to be near your mum all the time.”
  9. Maturity Test: This test is just for kids under 21.
  10. What’s the age of your brain?: Find out how healthy your brain is with this test.
  11. Marriage Readiness Test: Do you think you’re emotionally mature enough and old enough to get married? Find out here.
  12. Half-full or half-empty: See how a healthy state of mind can affect your age here.


This group of age tests uses everything including chocolate to calculate your age.

  1. Health Snapshot Test: Get a health evaluation in only five minutes with this test.
  2. Fitness Test: Find out how fit you are so that you can learn appropriate new exercises and routines.
  3. CatAge: Find out how young or old your cat really is with this test.
  4. How Young Is Your Dog?: Find out how healthy your dog is by taking this test.
  5. True Age Test: This test leads with the question, “What are your feelings about jokes that involve farts?”
  6. Death Test: This test is from NerdTests.com and is a little random but fun.
  7. Online age calculator: Do you know how old you are in minutes and in days? This test shows you how to calculate it.
  8. How to calculate your age by chocolate: Here you can figure out your real age by the number of times you crave chocolate every week.

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