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Master’s Degree
Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers a Master’s in Nursing for students interested in advancing into Adult Gerontology Practitioner positions. Students will learn about the specific methods and practices needed to tend to older individuals in the most effective and safe manner.

Master’s Degree Georgetown University – Georgetown’s nursing master’s degree in Gerontology will offer acute nursing practices the will prepare students to care for the growing elderly population. Students will have the opportunity to continue working while obtaining their degree online through Georgetown University.

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What Types of Geriatric Nursing Programs Are Offered? If you’d like to be a successful geriatric nurse, it is essential that you complete a proper geriatric nursing certification program. By obtaining a certificate, you will become qualified to practice as a geriatric nurse, and set yourself apart from the competition when it comes to finding employment. With a certificate in geriatric nursing, you’ll be prepared to work as a geriatric nurse just about anywhere in the nation. In order to obtain geriatric nurse certification, you’ll need to complete an accredited program with an educational institution that offers geriatric nursing certificates. These institutions can be found online and throughout the United States, and offer a number of different ways to complete their programs.

You have a variety of options when it comes to completing your certificate in geriatric nursing. The vast majority of geriatric nursing certificate programs are found in career colleges and nursing institutes. Completing your certificate in geriatric nursing through one of these educational institutions will allow you to receive all of the essential training you need in an environment that’s highly specialized for gerontological nursing education. If you prefer to receive the full college experience, you may find that attending a four year university is a wise option, and can provide you with an excellent foundation for medical school. Generally, geriatric nursing certificate programs can be completed on a full time or part time schedule, with some programs even offering classes during the evenings and weekends. What Are the Degree Requirements for Geriatric Nursing? Obtaining geriatric nursing certification is essential to those who would like to work as professionals in gerontological nursing care. To receive your certificate in geriatric nursing, you will be required to complete an exam with the American Nurses Credentialing Center. However, before you can take this exam, there are a number of requirements that you must complete in order to be considered eligible. These requirements include educational hours, practice time, and licensing. The eligibility criteria for completing this exam must be completed before you apply for the examination. These criteria are:

  • Hold a current, active RN license in a state or territory of the United States or the professional, legally recognized equivalent in another country.
  • Have practiced the equivalent of two years full time as a registered nurse.
  • Have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical practice in gerontological nursing within the last three years.
  • Have completed 30 hours of continuing education in gerontological nursing within the last three years.

Once you have completed these requirements, you will be ready to apply for a gerontological nursing certificate, and subsequently sit for your exam with the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Upon receiving a passing score, you will be awarded certification in geriatric nursing, and will be a Board Certified Registered Nurse. With this certification, you will be qualified to work as a gerontological nurse in a variety of settings throughout the United States, and well prepared to seek out gainful employment in the field. Things to Consider When Choosing Among Geriatric Nursing Schools You will find that there are many schools that offer geriatric nursing certification. These schools have a wide variety of settings, schedules, and study styles. Most often, you’ll be able to study for your geriatric nursing certificate in a local educationa institution, but there are also a number of online options. With all of these different options available to you, there are a lot of variables to juggle, and you may have a hard time figuring out which geriatric nursing school is the right one for you. In order to make the right decision, it’s essential that you take into careful consideration how well each individual school works with your needs and desires. Use this guide to find out how well a particular school suits what you’re looking for:

  • Does the geriatric nursing school have successful graduates?
  • Are the instructors at your geriatric nursing school well qualified and respected members of the medical community?
  • Does the geriatric nursing school have proper accreditation?
  • Will the geriatric nursing school’s location be convenient for you on a regular basis?
  • Will you be able to attend courses that align well with your schedule at the geriatric nursing school?
  • Is the geriatric nursing school’s tuition within your budget?

Take a moment to consider the answers to these questions, and you’ll be able to better understand how well a school aligns with what you would like to get out of your geriatric nursing school. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it will be much easier to figure out exactly which school will be the best for you to complete your geriatric nursing certification with. What Schools Offer Geriatric Nursing Certification? In order to become a successful geriatric nurse, you must first receive a certificate in geriatric nursing. You can do this by completing a geriatric nursing certificate program at a school that offers such education. Here, you’ll find a number of schools that provide geriatric nursing certificate education: AT Still University (Online) Certificate of Geriatric Health AT Still’s geriatric health certificate requires five courses. They include education on management, death and dying, and practical research and design. Geriatric Exercise Science Track If you’re interested in helping older adults prevent chronic disease with physical activity, this program is for you. The track includes courses about exercise prescription, motivational strategies, and more. Master of Geriatric Health This program is designed to educate and train medical professionals for management of gerontological health care. The program is a 60 credit hour, 15 course track with subjects that include practical research and design, integrity, long term care, and other important topics. University of Maryland (Baltimore) Adult & Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Master’s In this program, you will be prepared as an advanced practice nurse in adult and gerontology care. Specifically, you’ll learn about the diaganosis and management of common acute illnesses, disease prevention, and management of stable chronic illnesses across the lifespan. Clinical Nurse Specialist/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program Become a master of gerontological oncology with this program that offers a highly specialized track. This program’s courses offer gerontology and oncology-specific coursework. Once complete, you will be eligible to sit for certification as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner This program is offered as a post-master’s option. Through the program, you will receive continuing education in gerontology. Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green) Gerontology Minor Gerontology is offered as a minor course of study, which allows you to take 20 credit hours of required and elective course work in gerontology. In the program, you will learn about biology, aging, death, dying, and other important topics. Graduate Certificate In this 15 semester hour certificate program, you’ll learn about all business, professional, and personal situations involving older adults and their families. It is ideal for those who currently, or plan to, administer and deliver services to the older population. Capella University (Online) Master of Science in Human Services, Gerontology Specialization Capella offers this online degree specialization in gerontology that will give you an overview of the impact of aging. The program requires 48 quarter credits, with courses in human development in behavior, health aspects of aging, and the continuum of care. Baker College (Clinton Township, Jackson) Bachelor of Human Service, Gerontology Baker College’s gerontology program will prepare you for human services relating to elderly clients and their families. It is offered as a bachelor’s degree in human service. ITT Tech (Nationwide) Nursing Associate’s Degree ITT’s nursing associate’s degree will offer a broad view of nursing, including roles, clinical nursing concepts, and techniques. The program also offers an in-depth study of gerontological nursing. ECPI College of Technology (Online, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

ECPI offers education with lots of flexibility. You can study online, on campus, or both, and enjoy convenient schedules. Additionally, ECPI offers fast track bachelor’s degrees, which allow you to earn your degree in just two and a half years. Colorado Technical University Online (Online)

Take advantage of Colorado Technical University’s online degree programs to achieve your academic goals in a very convenient setting. This university offers excellent degree programs and a Virtual Campus to stay on top of your studies. Independence University (Online) Gerontology Certificate Attend your geriatric nursing school classes online with this university based in California. Independence University’s online gerontology certificate program offers students the ability to learn more about the aging process and the special needs of elderly patients. Vanderbilt University (Nashville) Adult Nurse Practitioner/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Attend Vanderbilt University for your gerontological nursing certification, and you’ll get dual certification that includes adolescents and younder adults. By following this program, you will be prepared to serve the needs of the entire adult patient population. UMass Online (Online) Frank J. Manning Certificate in Gerontology Attend UMass Online for your certificate in gerontology, and you will get an understanding of the aging network and aging process. Your studies will include direct service, research, field placements, and legislative advocacy for the elderly. Certificate in Gerontology-Management of Aging Services In this highly specialized certificate, you’ll learn more about the management of aging services. The program offers excellent faculty, flexibility, and convenience. You may also apply credits earned in this program to a Master’s degree program in gerontology. Master’s in Gerontology-Management of Aging Services Receive an advanced degree in aging services from this program. You’ll learn all about long term care, housing, marketing, chronic care, and more. This program offers the opportunity for advanced learning and networking. Post Master’s Nurse Practitioner Certificate Designed for RNs with master’s degrees in nursing, this program will prepare you for gerontological, adult, or family nurse certificate exams. The program can be completed in 12 or 15 credits. Oregon State University (Corvallis) Gerontology Certificate Oregon State University’s gerontology certificate offers an in-depth study of aging. Through this program, you will learn about adult development and learning, physical education, long term care alternatives, biomedical ethics, and more. Ohio University (Athens) Gerontology Certificate Ohio University’s gerontology program is offered as an interdisciplinary certificate for students in any major program who would like to gain knowledge and skills for working with the elderly. The program requires at least 28 credit hours, including field experience or an internship. Abilene Christian University (Abilene)

Abilene Christian University’s nursing school has a lot to offer students. With two medical centers, pediatric clinics, home-health care programs, and more, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get real world nursing experience.

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